Security Cameras

One of our long-range goals (within Five Years) is to install security cameras on all of our streets to reduce the crime in our community.  We plan to begin the process of installing security cameras after we receive the approval of our 501 © (3) non-profit status from the IRS. We are currently preparing form 1023 (application for non-profit status) and hope to have it completed and submitted by October 30, 2012.

Radio Patrol

We are planning to increase our Radio Patrol presence by adding at least two additional volunteer residents each month.  By coordinating our Radio Patrol resources with the other community groups on our boundary, we can have a patrol on the streets at most times during the day and evening and especially during the beginning and ending of the school day.  We try to be in the area when the businesses are closing to help the workers and customers feel safe when they are leaving and getting in their cars. Our goal is to start a block club on every street within our boundaries by the end of 2013 and we hope this will improve our ability to get information out to the community.

Home Repair Training

Our plan is to provide training in home repair, home ownership, acquire vacant homes. For rehabilitation, which we allow, low-income seniors to use sweat equity as a down payment in the sale or rental of properties. We plan to offer classes in home ownership and home repair.

Business & Community Organizations

Our goal is to be in close coordination with some of the older businesses and community organizations such as U- SNAP_BAC that has been in operation for over Twenty-Five years. The coordination with older organizations will help reduce the time for our learning curve.