Golden Rules

Golden Rules To Follow  for a Better Community

Note: Many of the “Golden Rules” are City Ordinances which carry a fine for noncompliance  

  • Remove Trash container from the curbs the same day of pick up. If there is a problem with your city services call your street Captain (Sec 22-2-45, Ord. No. 15-02 1,09-11-2001)
  • Keep area around your home free of trash, auto parts, building materials and household items (Sec. 22-2-88(a), Ord. No. 15-02  1, 09-11-2002)
  • Remove sales papers/debris from your doors and vacant homes next door to you
  • Vehicles of any kind cannot be parked on unpaved portion of a yard, including front or back lawns.
  • None-running vehicles cannot be stored on residential property (vehicles that cannot be legally driven on city streets due to damage malfunctioning equipment, expired plates license plates, etc. (Sec. 55-6-67, Code 1964,   38-17-2 and Sec 55-6-85, Code 1964,  38-15-2).
  • Bulk waste cannot be placed at the curb for pick up no more than 24 hours before the schedule pick up day and time. Notify your street captain if there is a problem with city services (Sec. 22-2-22, Ord. No. 35-04  1, 1117-04)
  • Remove snow from sidewalk in front of your residence and vacant houses next door.
  • Cut lawns on a regular basis.  Lawn grass in excess of 8 inches high will receive a ticket (Ord. No. 118-03,  1  07-09-03)
  • Watch out for your neighbor’s safety. If you see a foreign car in a driveway and your neighbors’ car is not home, call your neighbor. If neighbor is not home call your street captain. If an alarm is sounding look out of the window. If you see a stranger use the identity form to help you identify them if the need arises.
  • Respect your neighbor’s   privacy by keeping music at a level which do not disturb the peace and solitude of  your neighbor ((Sec. 36-1-1 (a), Ord. No. 8-01,  1,7-25-01, Ord. No. 24-04  1,7-14-04 and Sec. 36-1-1(b), Ord. No. 8-01,  1, 7-25-01, Ord. No. 24-04,  1, 7-14-04)

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