We have MacDowell community (MCCI)meetings on the second Saturday of each month at 11:00am till 1:00pm. The meeting takes place at the Wesley Community Center located at 10421 W. 7 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48221 (between Wyoming and Meyers at Birwood).  MCCI boundaries are Wyoming to Meyers and 7Mile to Pembroke.

We produce a newsletter each month to keep our community residents informed of community events, volunteer opportunities, MCCI Radio Patrol, and all things concerning our community.  Some of our on-going efforts include: Recruitment for Radio Patrol, MCCI members and Block Captains as well maintaining a Vacant House Registry.

We also encourage our residents to volunteer at the Wesley Community Center, which we have a strong community partnership with,  to help with food distribution and various other recreational and education programs.

Remember as a community we are the eyes, ears and voice to inform residents, police and each other.

Download Membership Application Form (PDF)