Neighborhood Resource Guide

The 12th Precinct Neighborhood Coalition is proud to bring you the Neighborhood Resource Guide  for Vacant Houses.

Download your copy of the Neighborhood Resource Guide (PDF)

This resource guide is designed by the community for the community, to create strategies for engaging all members of your neighborhood as you work toward common goals. Using these resources, you can begin to build a healthy and resilient community.

We hope you find this resource guide a tool you can use year after year as we grow and sustain each of our neighborhoods, our local businesses and our city. Our own Vacant House Task Force has worked with each neighborhood and local real estate companies, Michigan Community Resources and the city to ensure the information present is as accurate as possible. We hope to distribute this resource guide to as many of our Coalition members as possible!

Please give us your comments! We are always open to suggestions for improvement. Let us know if you like the resource guide and find it useful. Your comments will help us continue to provide valuable information and beneficial materials to the communities of the TPNC.

We look forward to building on past efforts to ensure the neighborhoods of the Coalition will continue to be a great asset to Detroit’s neighborhoods. The goal of healthy and sustainable communities cannot be accomplished without a partnership between the City of Detroit and our neighborhood block clubs and associations and our local businesses. Detroit needs your continued involvement, commitment, and support.

If your block is not yet organized or you have an existing block club, please contact us to assist with the development of your block club and or to join in partnership.

Please email us at   to learn more about our activities

If you need information on to development a Block club please visit

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