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MacDowell Community Council Inc.

Current Administration

Every September, MacDowell Community Council voting members elect a new board according to our bylaws. Here is the roster of our elected officers and board members.

President, Officers and Board of Directors: 

  • President – Jennifer Archie
  • Deputy Vice President – Vacant
  • 1st Vice President – Glenn Walker
  • 2nd Vice President – David McNear
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Treasurer – Amyre Vincent
  • Sergeant st Arms – Richard Vincent
  • Board Member – Andrea Hughes
  • Board Member – Charles Harvey
  • Board Member – Crystal Barber
  • Board Member – Dewayne Hendricks
  • Board Member – CheChe Mervin
    (I) Denotes Interim


The MacDowell Community Council Inc. (MCCI) was founded in 1989 under the name of Meyers Seven Mile, Wyoming and St. Martin Community Council. (MSWSCC) The organization (MSWSCC) was formed to qualify its residents for neighborhood opportunity fund (NOF) grants and to have a unified voice for the block clubs in the community. Bobbie Parrott was president and Charles Harvey was Vice President.  Mr. Parrott resigned as President because of the lack of participation by our community residents.  Shortly after that time, Mr. Parrott passed away and MSWSCC was not fully active for a while. Later in the year 2000, Charles Harvey started having meetings and attempting to get neighborhood opportunity grants.

In 2009, our community group was reorganized and Charles Harvey was elected president. We made changes to the name, mission and structure.  The organization’s name was changed to a different assumed name and was incorporated as MacDowell Community Council Inc. (MCCI) as a non-profit. We changed our name so that MCCI reflected the great school MacDowell Elementary School represents in our community.

MacDowell Community Radio Patrol, Inc

We have formed a separate organization (MacDowell Community Radio Patrol, Inc) to help reduce the crime in our community. Since its inception in April 2012, we have 24 volunteer residents, which have been vetted by the Detroit Police Department in order to participate in our Radio Patrol. We coordinate with the Blackstone, U of D Community, Schultz and Greenwich Park   group Presidents in patrolling our respective areas and gain from their experience in managing a Radio Patrol.

We encourage residents in our community to work together to obtain snow removal service, which makes our community safer for fire and ambulance access for us all but particularly the disabled, and seniors. On Saturday August 27, 2011, we held a Meet & Greet street party and Back Pack Drive.

The parties was held at the Wesley Community Center, was held as a meet, greet your neighbor, and enjoy an afternoon of fun, food and fellowship. Our goal was to have a function where neighbors get to know each other and get them involved in maintaining our community while enjoying good music.  We had a bouncing house and face painting for the children. Our members provided school supplies, backpacks, folders, notebooks, pencils, etc to ensure our children are prepared for success during the upcoming school year. Detroit Medical Center personnel came to our meet and greet to provide medical screening for our residents. We received donations from twelve businesses in our community to help sponsor the event and all had a great time.

We learned during the NOF minor home repair process that children six years and younger in families who qualify for NOF grants are required to be tested for lead poison.  Following the processing of those families who had received grants he coordinated with the Principle, Ms Haywood of the MacDowell school and the Coordinator at Herman Kiefer Hospital to have all of the children six and under in MacDowell Elementary school tested for lead poison. Historical data seems to indicate that children who live on busy streets with heavy truck and bus traffic are more prone to have lead poison in their system. Our goal is to spread this information to other community groups in our city so that they can have all children within their communities six year old and under tested for lead poison.

Download MCCI Membership Application Form (PDF)

Download MCCI Radio Patrol Application  MCCI Radio Patrol Background Check

Moving Forward to a Better Tomorrow.

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